Welcome to the “inaugural blog” of Longview Strategies, LLC.

From time to time Founder and President, Angela Lust, and other invited bloggers will share musings here.  Entries will vary pertaining to a range of interests, broadly related to business, philanthropy,  and society.  The topic of this entry is: transition.

Transitions are necessary – for individuals, organizations, and the environment.  Though not always welcome, transitions provide a break from status quo that can be invigorating.  A break from the norm can be regenerative when it opens new thinking or raises new possibilities.  Just as the earth transitions between seasons and fosters distinct periods of preparation, growth, maintenance, and harvest, individuals and organizations benefit from discrete periods of focus and planning, investment and risk taking, sustainability and return of benefit.

Longview Strategies, LLC is a result of my professional transition from institutional philanthropy to entrepreneurship, where I can pursue a range of professional interests.  Check back from time to time.


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